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Financial Outsourcing

The Outsourcing of the Financial Management of your companies guarantees the payment and receipt of your bills within the established deadlines, as well as the payroll and recurrent expenditure. As a result, there is a reduction on people management costs and a maximization of the time dedicated to your business. The outsourcing of the financial department also offers reports on cash flow and the control of accounts payable and accounts receivable. Moreover, we offer standardized and personalized reports that will support the management of your business.

Get to know more about some of our financial services:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Turnover
  • Cash position
  • Collection

We offer a series of standardized reports projected to attend your needs on financial management. Besides that, we are ready to develop personalized reports on request.

Other services


Responsible for processing economic and financial movements of companies and entities.

Fiscal and Tax

This sector’s tasks are developed by highly qualified technicians, which enables the dispute of due taxes.


Outsourcing the financial management of your company guarantees payment and receipt of your bills in the established deadline.


Outsourcing employees reduces costs and labor risks of your company, as well as being a great alternative.


Use our tools and optimize the people management of your company

  • Transparency
  • Accessible Team
  • Clear Communication
  • Proximity to the Customer

Prime, a differentiated and modern company, always seeks customer satisfaction at its highest expectation.

    A Prime Contabilidade presta serviços contábeis e paralegais, realizados por profissionais treinados e qualificados para oferecer informações precisas, priorizando sempre a melhor solução e construindo assim relacionamentos sólidos, de confiança e de parceria com seus clientes nacionais ou estrangeiros. Entender a necessidade da sua empresa, encontrar soluções inovadoras e compatíveis com o mercado, associados à melhor solução técnica, faz parte da Prime, uma empresa diferenciada, pois sempre busca a satisfação do cliente na sua expectativa máxima. Além dos serviços de contabilidade rotineiros, podemos também ajudá-lo com desenvolvimento de negócios e serviços fiscais especializados.